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It is the responsibility of the Central Administration of the ASCIM to execute the plan of activities through the correct management of the human talent and the available financial resources.

The budget of the ASCIM is financed mainly from two sources: contributions of the Fundación Tres Colonias (FTC - Three Colonies Foundation) and its income generated from self-sustaining programs:

The Three Colonies Foundation (FTC) is a foundation of the three colonies in the Central Paraguayan Chaco (Chortitzer, Neuland and Fernheim) and the German-Mennonite churches. In the ordinary assembly of the Three Colonies Foundation, they agree on an amount each of the mentioned institutions is supposed to transfer to the Foundation. The Foundation then forwards the amount to the ASCIM. In this way, the Three Colonies Foundation, with a total contribution in 2021 of Gs. 12.695.197.700, is the main sponsor of the ASCIM.

Self-Sustaining Programs (own revenues):

a) The Sanatorium of the ASCIM in Yalve Sanga charges reduced rates for services provided by the health department. The majority of the indigenous communities that are cooeprating with the ASCIM have a coverage of health services through the health insurance AMH (Mutual Hospital Assistance), regulated by Law N°3050/06.
b) The ASCIM has two own educational institutions; the CEIYS (Indigenous Educational Center Yalve Sanga) and the La Huerta Agricultural School. Students pay a small school fee that covers approximately 10% of the actual costs of these institutions and student residences.
c) La Huerta Agricultural School has its own agricultural and livestock production. This allows students to practice the knowledge they have learned, and at the same time, the production covers the majority of the costs of te educational institution.

Other sources of income are:

  • Equal social quota of the partners, which is determined by the General Assembly
  • Donations from entities and individuals
  • Donations from international organizations
  • Financings of specific projects from national and international organizations

The accounting year of the ASCIM starts on January 1 and ends on December 31 of each year. At the end of the accounting year, a financial report of the past year and a budget for the coming year are prepared and both are presented and approved at the General Assembly.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee, created by the ASCIM's bylaws, regularly audits the accounting of the ASCIM. The audit committee is composed of five people, which are annually appointed as follows:

  • A representative of the Enlhet tribe (he also represents the Sanapaná and Toba communities, since they belong to the same linguistic group: Maskoy)
  • A representative of the Nivacle tribe
  • A representative of each of the three Mennonite colonies of the Central Chaco (Chortitzer, Fernheim and Neuland)

The attributions and duties fo the Audit Committee are:

  • Examine the accounting books and documents of the ASCIM at the end of each fiscal year.
  • Supervise the administration, the cash flow and the existence of securities of any kind.
  • Verify that resources are used in a responsible way and that the payment of expenses is made according to legal, statutory and regulatory provisions.
  • Observe and immediately report to the Administrative Council any irregularities it may notice.

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