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La dirección de las dos supervisiones La dirección de las dos supervisiones

The Supervision of the Educational Support of Zone 7 ASCIM together with the Supervision of Control and Administrative Support of Area 3 Boquerón develops and coordinates in their task of accompaniment, counsel, evaluation and control of the educational work in the 56 institutions that constitute this area. The service is meant to help the educator, and the goal is to improve the result of the teaching-learning process and everything pertaining to the activities and people involved in the educational process, which is done in a cooperative effort.

The work of the Supervision of Education Zone 7 ASCIM is done in the context of indigenous communities from different tribes. These are Enlhet, Nivacle, Sanapana, Guarani Ñandeva, Ayoreo, Enlhet and Manjui. These different cultures interact like a big family, and they are supported by the values of respect, tolerance, helpfulness and harmonious and constructive coexistence by all the participants.

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