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Social Work with Women

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The general objectives of the Women's Social Work are to sponsor, further, support, coordinate, enhance and accompany the formation or education of the indigenous woman. Part of this is also the education of the smaller children in 'escuelitas' (small schools) and of adolescents in housework.

The work with indigenous women began soon after the first contacts were made between the german-mennonites and the indigenous people and it was officially included in ASCIM's work program in 1973. It began with personal home visits, Bible studies and practical instruction for home and family.  At first the indigenous women reacted skeptical, but as time went by they started organizing courses on their own budget. They chose women to be their leaders and assembled a team. They asked for help in teaching the adolescent girls. In 1984 the first training school for the mobile home was initiated. In that same year, the health program was founded because of many cases of malnutrition. The name CEMINUREPE means Program for Mothers and Infants. This program was later included in the women's social work program.

Today, the Women's Social Work is divided into 3 areas: initial education, housekeeping schools and woman leaders.

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