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Administrative Council

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The Administrative Council is the representation of the General Assembly, when the Assembly is not in session. It is made up of five people according to the following interest groups:

  • A representative of the missionary organizations.
  • A representative of the German-Mennonite congregations, the representatives of the voluntary service and the women comittees.
  • A representative of the presidents of the Mennonite Colonies of the Central Chaco.
  • A representative of the Enlhet ethnic group (includes the Toba and Sanapaná ethnic groups).
  • A representative of the Nivaclé ethnic group.

At the beginning of each year, the Administrative Council elects a president, a vice president, and a secretary. The President of the council is simultaneously also the President of the ASCIM. The Administrative Council has a quorum if three of the five members are present at the meeting.

The faculties and obligations of the Administrative Council are:

  • Comply with and enforce the statutes and internal regulations, the resolutions of the assemblies and those of the Administrative Council.
  • Covene ordinary and extraordinary assemblies.
  • Create and disband subcommittees for special projects within the departments and appoint their members.
  • Confer mandates and appoint representatives.
  • Accept donations, legacies and grants.
  • Authorize the expenses required for the operation of the ASCIM.
  • Authorize the presidency to legally represent the ASCIM.
  • Appoint the managers of the departments: agriculture, education, healt and the social-spiritual-intercultural department, which in turn constitute the Executive Commitee of the ASCIM together with the director and vice director;
  • Determine the salaries and obligations of the employees and control that they effectively comply with their responsabilities.
  • Accept or reject requests for entry and resignation of members according to the established representations. If the members of the Administrative Council cannot agree on a request, it must be submitted to a resolution of the General Assembly. If the applicant should be a company or an association, a resolution adopted according to their bylaws must accompany the written petition.

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