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From the beginning of the mentoring program for the indigenous peoples of the Central Chaco in the year 1962, every effort was made to ugrade the indigenous village schools. Propelled by the great interest of the indigenous population for founding schools in their communities, their own teachers had to first be trained. For this reason, short educational courses were given in an ongoing basis as continuing education for the teachers in the summertime.

Finally, in the nineties, students could be trained that had finished their high school education. The teacher training was then added to the contents of high school curriculum and this gave students a degree as a "Bachiller pedagogico" (high school graduate with emphasis in education) for village schools. Later, an effort was made to cooperate with the Institute of Teachers Training, "Instituto de Formacion Docente", in Filadelfia to find a method to start regular training at the college level.

This new academic program adapts to the indigenous culture, since its contents are made up of 50% of the academic material prescribed by the national ministry of education and the other half is comprised of academic content that has been used through the years of experience of the ASCIM in the intercultural training. The first half is taken care of by teachers of the institute in Filadelfia and the second half is taught by professionals from the division of ASCIM.

The first group of students finished their degree as a teacher of elementary education in 2016.  The second group started their training in 2017.

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