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As a nonprofit entity, the ASCIM officially functions by way of two organs:

The General Assembly is an organ that combines voluntary representatives from the churches and the Administration Council; the latter representing the Assembly when it is not in session.

In order to realize and coordinate the programs it is necessary to have a central administration of the ongoing activities. The headquarters of ASCIM is located in the center of Filadelfia, which is the capital city of the department of Boquerón. In the headquarters are the offices of the executive director, the assistants of the administration, as well as the bookkeeping department. The primary function of the central office is to coordinate the activities related to the areas of agriculture, education, health and in the culture, social and spiritual realm. It is also responsible for finances, the relationships to other institutions and the human resource department.

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Yalve Sanga (Central office)
PO Box:
Filadelfia, 40
9300 Fernheim
Tel. 0491 432231
Cel. 0981 484 975
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