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Executive Committee

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Comité Ejecutivo 2023 Comité Ejecutivo 2023

The Executive Committee of the ASCIM is the work team in charge of carrying out actions necessary to achieve the goals of the ASCIM. It is made up of the following people:

  • Executive Director
  • Vice director / Human Resources Manager
  • Manager of the Education Department
  • Manager of the Health Department
  • Manager of the Agricultural Department
  • Manager of the Intercultural, Social and Spiritual Department

The members of the Executive Committee are selected and appointed to the position by the Administrative Council of the ASCIM. They meet twice a month to inform each other about the accomplished work and make decisions regarding budgetary questions, program implementation issues and current situations.

The Executive Director is in charge of the general coordination of the differente advisory activities as well as the contact with the partners. He is responsible for the financial managemet of ASCIM and is in charge of the relations with private and public organizations at national and international level.

The vice director is responsible of transmitting information to the partners and the recruitment, selection and orientation of new employees. He also assumes the position of Executive Director in the absence of the incumbent.

Each department is divided into several "work teams" that are in charge of a specific area. The leaders of the "work teams" meet periodically with the manager to plan and evaluate the activities.

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