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Human Resources

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The ASCIM offers consulting in differente areas, and their motivation and orientation for this work are based on Christian values. In a region where different cultures live together is the conviction that God endowed every human being with dignity fundamental for a peaceful coexistence. The ASCIM wants to promote this dignity through mutual respect. 

The human resources department is managed by the vice director, who is also considered the Human Resources manager. He transmits information to the associates and is in charge of recruitment, selection and training of new staff, in cooperation with the managers of the differente departments.

A total of 501 people work at ASCIM, from different communities and colonies of the Central Chaco and other parts of the country:

Staff hired and paid by ASCIM (2021) 264
Paraguayan-Mennonites 98
Menno Colony 41
Neuland Colony 12
Fernheim Colony 45
Paraguayan-Indigenous 131
Sanapaná 4
Enlhet 55
Nivacle 69
Guaraní Ñandeva 1
Toba 1
Ayoreo 1
Spanish-speaking Paraguayans 35
Staff paid by the Ministry of Education and Sciences - MEC (2021) 237
Paraguayan-Indigenous 139
Sanapaná 13
Enlhet 53
Nivacle 52
Guaraní Ñandeva 15
Ayoreo 3
Toba 3
Spanisch-speaking Paraguayan 98

Since the vision of the ASCIM says that their work is based on Christian values, every person interested in integrating the work team of the ASCIM has to be an active member of an evangelical church. For that reason, the vice director asks the respective church for a certificate of recommendation for the new staff member. In this way, the church also assumes the responsibility to support this person in his/her job at the ASCIM.

Since there is a variety of jobs in the ASCIM, employees are needed for the following positions: secretaries, administrative and accounting assistants, proffesionals in medicine, biochemistry and diagnostic imaging, pharmacists, nurses, cleaners, people doing the laundru, cooks, people in charge of student residences, teachers, rural advisors for proper handling of crops and livestock, storekeepers, agricultural technicians, and chauffeurs. For this purpose, each candidate interested in working at the ASCIM must have the necessary professional skills for the desired position.

Further, according to the legal conditions in the country, only job applications from people of legal age are accepted.

The strategic plan (2016-2040) emphasizes the need for employees to be aware of their contribution to the harmonious intercultural coexistence in the Central Chaco. It also underlines the importance of mentoring employees and giving them an orientation on how to perform their jobs effectively. The importance of mentoring employees is also mentioned in Articel 30 of their Bylaws (2017).

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