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The department of cross-cultural, social and spiritual issues of ASCIM, DISE, was specially created with the objective of furthering the cross-cultural coexistence of the different peoples and cultures in the Central Chaco as well as the cross-cultural understanding and the harmonious coexistence. The social part of this department is that it trains the workers of ASCIM, and helps their process of integration and orientation as they do their work.  Priority is put on mentoring and spiritual orientation of the workers by a chaplain. Also mediation is offered in conflicts.

On the other hand, DISE sponsors the interaction with the churches (German speaking churches or indigenous churches).  An important part of this program is the volunteer service offered for interested people who may want to do some volunteer work for ASCIM.

The social work with women is an important branch of DISE. In the beginning, the main emphasis was to teach them how to keep a house and rear their kids, but today the teaching for women is not only social work, domestic chores and health issues, but also  of production and administration.

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