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Housekeeping schools

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The first "School of Training for the Mobile Home" was initiated for indigenous young women that didn't go to regular school. It was a mobile program for 4 months, and it was held in various ASCIM communities.  Later, three housekeeping schools were erected with the help of the communities themselves, one in Campo Alegre with a dormitory and two without a dorm, in Paz Del Chaco and in Pozo Amarillo.

As the years passed, the interest of parents in having their children complete a regular school grew. In 1997   the program of the housekeeping schools was changed and the teaching of the home was integrated into the curriculum of the Central Schools.  Since then, girls in the fourth and sixth grades are taught crafts in 6 communities and in 2 communities, even the art of cooking is added to this. This year, 2018, home keeping classes will only be taught in schools supervised by ASCIM.

All crafts are sold at the end of the year to cover the cost of the materials used.

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