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Prevention Campaign

The prevention campaign concentrates primarily on cervix cancer. Every year this campaign offers for women in each village to have the PAP test done. The necessary equipment is donated by the Ministry of Health and Social Wellbeing.

Family Planning

Teaching to plan a family has been a challenge in health care for the  ASCIM Health Department from its beginning in 1968. This program is coordinated to match the specifications of the Regional Department of Health, which also provides for the necessary medicine. Today, indigenous families have fewer children because they  take family planning seriously. Growth in percentage is between 2 and 2, 3 %.

Pregnancy care

Another goal of the Department of Health of ASCIM is that every pregnant woman would have at least 4 medical check-ups during their pregnancy. This is why certain days are specifically for checking on pregnant women. Along with the routine controls women receive instructions in healthy eating, the immunizations their babies will need, the possible risks and their preventions. They also have an opportunity to sew diapers and baby clothes with fabric donated by an organization.

Participation in the program for pregnant women has improved greatly in the last years. About 80% of pregnant women participate in the regular check-ups during their pregnancy.

Breast feeding Club

A club for women that are breastfeeding was founded in order to offer special activities which support these women in their care of their infants. This program gives the women information about how to nurture their newborns and infants and the importance of mother's milk.

Clinic for Infants

The clinic for infants is for children up to 3 years and it   is held in the health clinics of each locality according to necessity. The goal is to give the small child at least 20 check-ups during its first 3 years of life. This form of control is to ensure that each child develops correctly. Special care is given to cases of malnutrition and that the vaccinations are given correctly by the Ministry of Health. The Ministry hands the medicine for vaccination over to ASCIM and makes it responsible of making a record of immunizations given and handing these in to the Ministry.

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