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Tuesday, 11 July 2017 21:15

The Natural Disaster Commission

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The mission of ASCIM is to support in the indigenous communities the opportunity of growth into today's socio-economic reality and its philosophy is to build a joint future together.  In case of natural disasters, it is important to lend one another a helping hand. Natural disasters are understood to be floods, fires, storms, etc. that affect a considerable part of the community. The ASCIM mediates in these cases between communities, neighboring churches and public institutions and coordinates help initiatives to give moral and organizational help to the needy. A mobile base that is equipped with a minimum of gear for interventions in case of catastrophes and       can deliver immediate help is under the management of SEVAS.

The objective is to show solidarity and come alongside the communities mentored by ASCIM in their search   of solving their immediate needs in a cooperative way. The costs are covered by a fund reserved for disasters, given by donors toward this end. This account is managed exclusively by ASCIM.

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