Inauguration of a Health Station in Pozo Amarillo

On March 4 a new Health Station was inaugurated in Pozo Amarillo. The existent space was too small to perform a satisfactory health service. With the new building the settlement now has the following facilities:
- 1 Consulting-room for a physician (who comes once a month)
- 2 Consulting-rooms for the health promoters
- 1 Consulting-room for the dentist.
- 2 Internment-rooms and
- 1 Maternity room
In this building 4 Indian health promoters and one nurse will be working (parttime).
The settlement is proud that they were able to finance this building with their own means. The total costs of this new building were approx. 106 million Guaranies. The settlement has 1,500 inhabitants.

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