Indigenous Foundation for Agricultural Development

FIDA In order to serve as an intermediary for contacts and communication between the entrepreneurship of the country and the indigenous agricultural colonies in a joint effort of raising the living standard of the last mentioned; a non-profit civil association under the denomination “Fundación Indígena para el Desarrollo Agropecuario” (Indigenous Foundation for Agricultural Development) has been organized as a “joint venture” between the ASCIM and the Indigenous Communities.

It supports programs in the sectors of commercialization, credits and various services. In the commercial sector it performs purchases and sales of agricultural and consumption products and means of production. For this purpose it has a warehouse in Mariano Roque Alonso, and another central warehouse in Yalve Sanga, Central Chaco. It also operates a distribution service of mercandise for about 12 associated stores, which can place their orders weekly by radio.

In the financial sector FIDA runs a rotating sowing fund, which is annually used by the associated communities, who in their turn lend to their members in order to promote the production of consumption and sales crops. Recently FIDA was granted several international credits for the promotion of the cooperative cattle-breeding and associative ranches on a family level.

Finally FIDA offers a series of services, the aim of which is to support the economic efforts of the communities. It serves with machinery for the clearing of wood, cleaning of pasture and the excavation of waterholes.

In the line of training it offers services in bookkeeping and assistence to stores which are at the disposal of the communities, thus fomenting the training in commercial management and community administration.