Equipment of the laboratory in the agricultural school "La Huerta"

"La Huerta" is a training centre for the indigenous young men of the Central Chaco. This institution has been working without interruption for 20 years.

Their goal is to offer a training in agriculture to young Indian men from the different ethnic groups. This is done within the scope of adult training and also within the frame of a technical formation on a high school level with priority on agriculture. The adult education is a study, which offers an opportunity to young people with unfinished primary education to continue or to conclude these studies. This study program has a duration of two years. At the present education on the senior high school level begins with grade nine and then continues with the first, second and third course.

At this time there are 43 students in the program of adult education and in the Senior high school there are 39 student.

The number of our students and also the requirements increased during the last years. Therefore, we need more teachers, more equipments, and more educational material. In August 2005, an application for financial support was submitted to the Bavarian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for the equipment of a laboratory for chemistry and physics. The intervention of Mr. Bruno Brack and Mr. Wolfgang Kupferschmied was a great help. Our application was then approved in October, and an amount of 8.000 Euros (57.406.743 Guaranies) was immediately transferred to the above educational establishment.

For the moment we did not have any expenses with the construction of premises, since we still had one room at our disposal, in which the equipments were installed.

We, the personnel of this institution, are very grateful for this support, and think that this investment was worthwhile, and that it will be for the benefit of every one of the teachers and of each individual student.

Forest Eng. Norman Toews

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