Data of the activities performed by Health Program ASCIM in 2006

14.153 medical consultation hours
  2.770 home visits
     260 deliveries (child-births)
     408 infantile clinics
  3.088 doses of vaccinations
     408 internees (patients)
     708 blood tests for Syphilis
  1.113 tests for the identification of TB-patients
     965 PAP-Tests for women
             (tests for the prevention of cancer)
       68 surgical intervention
       38 eye operations
  1.135 persons came for a consultation with a dentist.
1.933.170.658 Gs. = income of the AMH (Health Insurance)
1.766.318.769 Gs. = expenses of the AMH (Health Insurance)

Source: Annual Report of the ASCIM 2006,
Report on the Health Program by Dr. Wilmar Dyck

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