Book: "Indians of the Central Chaco"

Tapa del Libro A booklet with 72 pages was written in Spanish under the title: “Indigenous People of the Central Chaco”. The book contains a brief description of the different ethnic groups and data of the Indian settlements. The book was written by Wilmar Stahl, who has worked for many years with the Indians in the Chaco. The book has many photographs of past times and also the present time. It also includes some myths. The drawings were made by Jorge Carema and Asque Eurides Modesto Gomez from Cayin o Clim and the graphic design was composed by Dyane Wiebe. The goal of this book is to offer a brief description of the Indian groups, to obtain a better and prompt information. We have tried to sell this book as low priced as possible. It is especially suited for high-school students.

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