Awarding of prizes to teachers with special merits

For three years now, on the Day of the Teacher, the Ministry of Education has been awarding prices to teachers for special dedication and efforts. The candidates are being selected on a local, departamental and finally on a national level. But since many school administrations are reluctant to do the additional work, only very few candidates are being proposed. So, also in this year the three candidates proposed by Boquerón were all awarded a prize: two received a gold medal and one a diploma of honour. The gold medal was accompanied with a check of Gs. 5.000.000,- and the diploma of honour with Gs. 3.000.000,-. A total of 9 gold medals and 8 diplomas of honour were awarded by the Ministry of Education.

Within the area of the ASCIM Program Leandro Ciriaco - a teacher and the principal of the school Paz del Chaco (90 pupil, 1 - 5 Grade) received the gold medal. His special merits include his engagement for the amplification of the schoolrooms as well as the construction of a workshop for handicrafts and the kitchen, the support in the elaboration of school texts in the Enlhet mother tongue, the opening of the 3rd Cycle in Paz del Chaco, his work as health promoter during several years and his active cooperation in the Administration of the settlement for 14 years. In the years 1996 till 2001 he was a school superintendent for the schools of the Lengua communities within the ASCIM Program. Leanto Ciriaco belongs to the first group of indigenous teachers, who studied and graduated in 1991 from CIP (Centro Indígena Pedagógico = Pedagogic Indigenous Centre) in Yalve Sanga. Last year three teachers, who are working within the ASCIM Program: Dina de Verón from Pesempo´o, Carlos Pessoa from Ko´e Pyahu and Sixto Mongelós, were awarded the Arco Iris (Raynbow) prize. The three of them are teaching full time and the are or were principles of their schools. Dina de Verón has retired in the meantime.

The award of prizes took place in the auditorium of the Hotel Granada in Asunción. The Vice-President Luis Castiglione handed over the gold medal and the Minister of Education Blanca Ovelar de Duarte handed over the check.

Sieghard Wiens
Pedagogic Superintendent of the ASCIM

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