Annual Meeting of the ASCIM

On March 17 the Annual Meeting 2005 of the ASCIM took place in Lolita. On the agenda were the different reports by the Executive Team and the financial statement of the year 2005.

Another special act was the handing over of awards of honour to three workers with a long period of service:

  • Mary Derksen worked for 30 years in the school program of the ASCIM with the Escuelitas and prepared a lot of teaching material on a biblical basis.
  • Anna Kröker worked as a full time leader of the Female Work of the ASCIM during 19 years. Her dedication and biblical orientation were very much appreciated.
  • Klaus Kröker was responsible for the administration of the ASCIM Health Program for 5 years.

 Picture (from left to right): Ruben Toews, Ewald Reimer (MG Fernheim), Mary Derksen, Santa Perez, Wilmar Stahl and Eduard Klassen.

These workers served for a total of 54 years. “Who is willing to serve God with his time and his gifts today?”

Ing. Agr. Eduard Klassen
ASCIM, 2006

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