Agricultural Experience of the Indian Settlements, a target group for Agricultural Extension Service by the ASCIM  and other Services by FIDA

During the agricultural year 2005/2006 approximately 2,600 farmers planted 1,200 ha of household gardens and 2.650 ha of market gardens (sesame, cotton, beans). Since farmers  have to fight yearly with high production costs and low prices for the agricultural products, the food gardens are of great importance. Besides the settlements have about 14.000 heads of cattle. This means 1.1 heads per person. 34% of the total income are produced by agriculture and 66% by livestock breeding.

The “Profinca 5F” is a project financed by the BID (Interamerican Development Bank) for the Indian settlements. The credit makes an economic development possible  for a group of 5 families. This is the second of this type of credits negotiated by the ASCIM. These families of Profinca 5 F by now have about 2,900 heads of cattle. The change experienced by such a group after having paid the credit completely, is enormous. The 5 families of these groups, for example, can deposit the money in the cooperative store and then buy grocery for a certain amount each week. Today each family obtains provisions for the amount of Gs.80,000 per week. First of all, however, a latrine was bought, a water basin for the household, a water pipe and a windmill were built. A roof  (7m x 4m) with walls, an electricity line were installed and paid. Besides these families also have the advantage  of being insured by the AMH (Mutual Health Insurance) during the whole year.

According to the law the Indians in the Chaco are entitled to have 100 ha of land per family. This land is used very differently. But each settlement has its own land.

Source: The Annual Report of the ASCIM,
Report on the Agricultural Extension Program by Dr. Elmer Zacharias
and Agr.Eng. Eduard Klassen, Director of ASCIM

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